Friday, November 12, 2010

So, every time I type on my posting is automatically posted in several social media. Cool.
I found an interesting program, useful for updating blogs, twitters, and other social media.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To Steal and NOT To Be Caught

This is a new documentary on the ongoing Financial Crisis. All of you MUST see. This is about greed and how it can viciously affect everyone in this planet. You MUST learn and understand how you were robbed by a gang of US high-profile government officials, academics from famous universities, and bankers of Wall Street. These people stole your money, your savings, in most cases your home and your dreams, not just in the US but all over the world as this crisis spread all over the globe. These people are still there, unpunished, and protected by your government; and what is worst, this is likely to continue, perhaps in different shape and form. What should we do? The first step is virulently spread the news. People must be educated on the subject, they must learn how it did happen. Once we learn, we may see some reaction emerge. It will take time but the first step must be taken. Maybe we should organize small groups among communities to discuss the matter and connect to other groups until we reach a critical mass to impose order.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

To compare or not to compare; that's the question

We learned to compare and we compare to learn. Therefore we are conditioned to compare. Don't compare yourself to anybody. When you compare you become "dull" (slow in perception or sensibility, lacking in intensity, or sharpness of perception).

"I don't know if you have ever looked into yourself and watched how you compare yourself with another, saying, 'He is so beautiful, so intelligent, so clever, so prominent; and I am nobody, I would like to be like him.' Or, 'She is so beautiful, has a good figure, has a nice mind, intelligent, bright, better.' We think and function in this comparative, measuring world. And if you have ever questioned and observed maybe you have said, 'No more comparison, no more comparison with anybody, not with the most beautiful actress.' You know that beauty is not in the actress, beauty is something total, not in the face, in the figure, in the smile, but where there is a quality of total comprehension, the totality of one's being; when that is what looks, there is beauty. Do watch it in yourself, please, try it, or rather do it - when you use the word 'try,' you know how such a mind is the most deplorable, foolish mind; when it says, 'I am doing my best, I am trying,' this indicates a mind that is essentially bourgeois, capable of measuring, which is doing better every day;
so, find out for yourself whether you can live, not theoretically but actually, without comparison, measure, never using the words 'better' or 'more.' See what happens. It is only such a mature mind that is not wasting energy, only such a mind can live a very simple life, I mean a life of real simplicity, not the so-called simplicity of the man who has one meal, or one loin-cloth - that's exhibitionism - but the mind that has no measure and is therefore not wasting energy."

The Awakening of Intelligence, Krishnamurti

Mr. Joe Barton (R-Texas)

In summary Mr. Joe Barton says he doesn't want to live in a country where wrong doings are questioned. Then, why he doesn't leave the country? Because Mr. Barton is paid by the oil companies, maybe? I didn't get it. Mr. Barton is not in the Congress to ask for apology for the White House. He's clearly trying to ease things for BP. Later in the afternoon, after the rage throughout the Internet on his speech, Mr.Barton asked for apologies for his comments. While we have biased politicians like Mr. Barton changes for a better are unlike to happening. The state of Texas has a great representative, Ron Paul, but Mr. Barton is deplorable.