Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enlightenment - What is this?

If you search, you'll find a lot on enlightenment but very few people seems to achieve that state of conscience. I have been working on that but guess what, it's not a matter to work on that. It sounds strange but it's true. The more you seek for, further you are from the truth. The point is, enlightenment is a word, and as such is not the object it intent to describe. There's a huge difference between words and the object of the word. Then, most would like to be enlightened with a purpose, and there's no purpose to be achieved. What is that for? If we try to describe, we'll be in the wrong path. To simplify, we may say it is to get rid of the mind. All beings are naturally enlightened because this state is the essence of the being, but the enlightening is shadowed by the mind unless you are a newborn. After early ages, your mind will be slowly and progressively conditioned by the society starting with your parents. To revert the process one need first to be aware of that process of conditioning. Secondly must pay complete attention to what happens inside and outside of you. Third, must make no judgement while observing. Fourth, must forgive you and all for anything you have done or others have done to you. Fifth, give a break to your past and future. There's not past or future but memory of the past and wishes for the future. I'm not telling to forget the past because it is unforgettable. I tell you to leave it there in the memory where it belongs. When it comes up just let it go, like you were watching a movie for a second or third time. It is all it is, a movie, and you are just the spectator at this point. Sixth, don't hang in anything good or bad because the good and bad are just assumptions made by the mind. Just watch, experience and let go as it came. There are more to ad but I cannot continue to write right now. There's an interesting video I found on an enlightened person. When I watch this person talk for the first time in other videos I though he was a crook and did not pay attention. In my mind (I didn't lose it yet), his produced image, his speech, all touched a button inside me that says "he's fake". Now, after watching a number of videos I say, he is an enlightened being. Enough for now. Watch the video and enjoy!

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